School Programs

TABLE TENNIS in Schools Program –  aims to introduce the sport of Table Tennis to kids and young people in Elementary and Secondary Schools through a progressive range of fun and innovative Table Tennis related lessons and activities. The program offers a range of opportunities to increase the number of young people and kids experiencing and playing quality Table Tennis in Schools and Clubs. This will encourage ongoing participation in Table Tennis throughout the lives of those who become involved in the program.

Each lesson will include…

Introductory Warm Up Activities Involves fun skill activities which have part of the game in them; also increases the student’s flexibility and co-ordination.

Skill Development Teaching the students a new skill and letting them practice it using different drills.

Games Often not the whole game but putting what has been learnt into a game situation, so the children know why they have learnt the skill and how it fits into the game.

Final Cool-Down Activities Cool-down for participants after Table Tennis exercises. This involves stretching the muscles and allowing the body to recover. Providing fun and enjoyment during play and practice.


Increases concentration and alertness

Stimulates brain function

Develops tactical thinking skills

Develops hand / eye coordination

Provides aerobic exercise

Provides social and recreational interaction



Firstly, we hold that in order to prevent Table Tennis from becoming unpopular among kids and teenagers, it is necessary to understand the effect of Table Tennis exercise in schools. As the elementary and high school students are now experiencing more and more pressure from study and high expectations on their performance, it all leads to big burden on their mental and physical development. As a moderate exercise increasing the heart rate, thus helping to keep the heart strong and healthy, and as an extracurricular activity Table Tennis has prominent effect on reducing both physical and mental burdens on kids and teenagers.

Worldwide millions of people play Table Tennis, and with good reason. It is entertaining, fun, fast and has great health benefits as well. Because of the low risk of injury Table Tennis can be enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels.

Frequent Table Tennis help to advance the heart function, eyesight and reaction ability of hands and eyes in kids and young people especially.