Master Classes for Beginners to Intermediate in August

Master Classes “from Beginner to Intermediate” in August

POPULAR MASTER CLASSES are Back. For the month of August “Learn the essential strokes and techniques , the Grip, the Footwork and Drills to learn improve faster at Table Tennis”

4 Master Classes every Tuesday August 8,15,22,29 from 11:00am to 12:30pm
5 Master Classes every Thursday August 3, 10,17,24,31 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm


Learning the correct way to hold the racket is essential. The correct grip allows you to develop your strokes using the correct technique

SWITCHING between Forehand (FH) and Backhand (BH). Does your grip allow you to switch easily between FH and BH. We will do training drills to teach you recover easily between FH BH

SHUFFLE Footwork – training drills to improve your footwork so you can make good position for every stroke. This is essential for developing your game.

Forehand Drive

This is the first stroke every player should learn. Once you have mastered this shot, you can easily build upon it and learn more advanced strokes.

Backhand Drive

The BH drive is a very important stroke. You need to master this to progress onto the backhand block and backhand topspin strokes.

Forehand Push

To master FH push is probably the most difficult of the four basic strokes and it will require a small amount of rotation with the hips, torso and shoulders.

Backhand Push

BH push is probably the easiest stroke to learn. A push is more of a defensive shot than the drive and the aim is to play down the back and underneath the ball to create some backspin, making it more difficult for our opponent to attack the ball.

If you are having troubles learning a new stroke then we will focus on the finish position. This is very important aspect.

HOW TO SERVE. Having problems with a basic serve? These classes give you simple pointers that make it easy for you to start serving easily and legally.

THE MOST IMPORTANT SKILL. Learn what is the most important skill to master and the idea applies to every level of player.

THE STANCE. The quickest way to tell the difference between a beginner and an expert Table Tennis player is how they stand. You will learn the correct position to every stroke.

Register and prepay $20.00 per class or Drop in fee is $22.00 and is based on availability.

We guarantee quality and professional guidance of our Master classes, also preference will be given to prepaid registrations.

Yours in Table Tennis?

Luba and Claudine